and Assessment Skills 3/e

Assessment Through Touch


Author: Chaitow L. 

Publisher: Churchill Livingstone 

ISBN: 9780443069352 

Pages: 344 

Product type: Book 

Topic: Paramedical Specialities » Physiotherapy » Reference works  

Publication date: January 2010 

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Palpation and Assessment Skills has been designed and developed to help the student and practitioner to understand and acquire the palpatory skills that are the foundation of all effective manual therapy assessments and treatments. Subtlety and sensitivity of touch, and the accurate interpretation of palpation findings and tests, are essential aspects of all manual therapy professions. While it is difficult to learn these from written descriptions or static illustrations alone, by combining a workbook approach with the use of video demonstrations and audio explanations on a DVD, Palpation and Assessment Skills provides the student and developing practitioner with a portable workshop, that they can access at any time


By Leon Chaitow, ND, DO, Registered Osteopath and Naturopath, Honorary Fellow, School of Integrated Health, University of Westminster, London, UK



The CD-Rom accompanying this text includes video sequences of all the techniques indicated in the text by the icon. To look at the video for a given technique, click on the relevant icon in the contents list on the CD-ROM. The CD-ROM is designed to be used in conjunction with the text and not as a stand-alone product.




Chapters and Special Topics

Chapter 1 Objective: palpatory literacy

Leon Chaitow

Special Topic I Using appropriate pressure (and the MPI)

Chapter 2 Palpation reliability and validity

Michael Seffinger

Chapter 3 Fundamentals of palpation

Leon Chaitow

Special Topic 3 Visual assessment, the dominant eye, and other issues

Chapter 4 Palpating and Assessing the skin

Leon Chaitow

Chapter 5 Palpating for changes in muscle structure

Leon Chaitow

Special Topic 5 The morphology of reflex and acupuncture points

Chapter 6 Fascial palpation

Thomas W. Myers

Chapter 7 Assessment of ‘abnormal mechanical tension’ in the nervous system

Leon Chaitow

Special Topic 7 Assessing dural restriction

Chapter 8 Palpation and assessment of joints (including spine and pelvis)

Leon Chaitow

Special Topic 8 Percussion palpation

Chapter 9 Accurately identifying musculoskeletal dysfunction

Whitney Lowe

Special Topic 9 Joint play/‘end feel’/range of motion: what are they?

Chapter 10 Visceral palpation and respiratory function assessment

Leon Chaitow

Chapter 11 Introduction to functional palpation

Leon Chaitow

Special Topic 11 About hyperventilation

Chapter 12 Understanding and using intuitive faculties

Sasha Chaitow

Special Topic 12 Synesthaesia

Chapter 13 Subtle palpation (including cranial rhythms, energy, and ‘has tissue a memory?’

Leon Chaitow

Chapter 14 Chinese palpatory skills

Stefan Chmelik

Special Topic 14 Palpating the traditional Chinese pulses

Chapter 15 Palpation and emotional states

Leon Chaitow




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