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Author: Lederman E. 

Publisher: Churchill Livingstone 

ISBN: 9780443069697 

Pages: 208 

Product type: Book 


Medico-Surgical Specialities  Physical Medicine / Rehabilitation 
Paramedical Specialities  Physiotherapy  Reference works  

Publication date: March 2010 

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In Neuromuscular Rehabilitation in Manual and Physical Therapy the vast and complex discipline of neuromuscular rehabilitation is simplified for clinical use. It is a synthesis of over half a century of research, and can be described as "neuromuscular rehabilitation made easy".


Neuromuscular rehabilitation is a well-researched area that is now becoming a dominant therapeutic intervention in musculoskeletal care and sports rehabilitation. Following injury there are motor changes and losses associated with functional reorganization of the neuromuscular system. Research, as well as current clinical practice, is turning toward a neuromuscular rehabilitation model as an important element for in the treatment of musculoskeletal injuries and pain management.


Eyal Lederman, DO, PhD, Director, the Centre for Professional Development in Osteopathy and Manual Therapy, London, UK



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