Color Atlas of AnatomyColor Atlas of Anatomy 7/e

A Photographic Study of the Human Body


Authors: RohenYokochi C. 

Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins 

ISBN: 9781609137854 

Pages: 556 

Product type: Book 

Topic: Basic Sciences & Research » Anatomy » Reference works  

Publication date: March 2010 

Price: € 60.75


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This Color Atlas of Anatomy features outstanding full-colour photographs of actual cadaver dissections, with accompanying schematic drawings and diagnostic images. The photographs depict anatomic structures more realistically than illustrations in traditional atlases and show students exactly what they will see in the dissection lab.

Chapters are organised by region in order of a typical dissection. Each chapter presents structures both in a systemic manner from deep to surface, and in a regional manner.


This edition has additional clinical imaging, including MRIs, CTs, and endoscopic techniques. New graphics include clinically relevant nerve and vessel varieties and antagonistic muscle functions. Many older images have been replaced with new, high-resolution images. Black-and-white dissection photographs have been replaced with color photography.

A companion website will include an Image Bank, interactive software (similar to an Interactive Atlas), and full text online.


Professor Dr. Johannes W. Rohen MD ; Elke Lütjen-Drecoll PhD ; Chichiro Yokochi PhD



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